Went For A Walk

I was around twelve and I got up the nerve one nite to take a walk while I was dresses.
It was late and I was going to go to the gas station that was about a half mile away. I put on tan pantyhose, pantys, a tennis out fit of my sisters. It was a pink pleated skirt with matching top, I did not wear tennis shoes I choose a pair of white pumps that I just loved to wear! I grabbed a pare of sweats, a tee shirt and some shoes.
It was every dark no moonlight just street light. It felt so good feeling the breeze blowing up my skirt and hearing my heels clicking with every step. I had to cross a church parking lot before I came to the gas station. I stopped by the dumpster kicked of the heels put on the sweats, tee shirt and shoes and went on in. I got my drink went back behind the dumpster changed back to my girly out fit and went home. I wish i had the nerve to do this now!
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5 Responses Aug 18, 2012

Im sorry to say but my next door nebor caught me Dressed up in my Sisters and Mothers Cloths, Pantys,Bra,Summer Dress low Heals, and Now he my part time Lover..

I've been there, trust me girl. What a thill, huh? I love the rush. Way to go girl!

At least you had the courage to do it then. I understand your fear now that you are older.

Why did you change just to go into the store? Did you know someone who worked there?

you should have gone all the way hun<br />
but, hey, next time eh?