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I love dressing in women's clothes and walking. walking is great exercise. And doing it dressed as a woman is just natural.

It's more pleasant when it is not the dead of winter so will be more fun now that Spring is just around the corner. Try it, you will feel so much better
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I wish one of you lived close to me so we could walk together. I think it helps us pass.

You and me both. That is the secret, as long as we can pass we should not have anything to worry about.

I do too but have gotten good and rather bad comments because i am blond and skinny and leggy some women call me "weird" looking kinda lanky but other that that that is all I wear the clothes make me feel nicer I dont have any mens clothing at all-- I absolutely have grown to hate mens clothing so drab and plain looking kinda industrial stuff

That's not a bad thing Lyndsay. Long legs are made for nylons and thigh highs. I know what you mean about drab colored men's stuff. What colors do you like best?

I like the real tight levi type fake denim leggings with a grean sweater that is also tight I love purple blue tomato red but torchoise is my fav it goes real great with my long blond hair that is natural and curly too guess my great grand ma is like me both of us blonds but she was really German and pretty I am German French Canadian but need help in the pretty area I was told its all in the makeup that I have yet to get alot of cause I need all hypoallergenic and expensive so frustrating to me ---- nylons I used to wear expensive ones that are silk shiny and cool looking made my legs itch all over until I found shiny tights that made me real cool looking too so you think I should go out in nylons hugh I never have but have work tights so I dont feel so naked do you go out and if you do what do you sometimes wear how did you get the confidence?? Lyns

I wear stockings held by my garters or tights. Tried stay ups but they didn't stay up. In cooler weather I'll wear tights. I prefer tights to pantyhose. I think stockings are sexier than pantyhose. Your sweater and leggings Sounds very comfortable. I have some leggings to try with a tunic.

There are so many nice things to wear in winter - nice boots heeled boots leggings one problem with me my legs have gotten so thin that i am kind of embarassed that they are too thin for some gals some say omg model some say ohhh so sick looking well i am getting lots of flack for having very pencil thin legs so i want to get exercise to build them up somewhat but wtf i still wear them anyway now i wear skirts to cover them but absolutely love laminated four inch boots that go to mid or ankle high it is hard as hell for me to wear stilleto heels but i love them fall all over myself fall down but they to me are such a feminie thing that when i do i grab painkillers hot water and have to soak aterwards and cuss out my feet they hurt yes they do but lots of women say the same thing hardest for me is standing still for long periods on hard flooring oh my i use my man to hold me up sometimes i am still a rookie on heels that is the truth now wedgies are neeat i use those boots on my own without any trouble up to my knees they look real cool and nobody calls me anything but miss or mam even i need a boob job now thats my story today

i have a hard time walking in heeled boots night or day and would rather itr be the day so i can tell where i am going to fall or trip now that makes sense to mee lots of women fall in heels i am no excepton

That's why I love you

I always buy M&S (in theUK) 15 denier hold-ups. I have never had any trouble with them not staying up.

Lyn's, it doesn't matter what others think of you and how you look. Geez, look what we all started from anyways. . .As long as you are comfortable, does it really matter?

Luv Ya. Way to be girlie,

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