It Was Christmas 1960

I had only know my best friend sense the start of 8th grade, and yet I had strange feeling for him and I know he had them for me

I had been ask to spend Christmas vacation with him and his mother and I knew his grand parents were going to also be there and I was sort of still afraid of them as I was not use to extended family that did not hurt me but yet I loved to watch how they interacted with him over Thanksgiving

That Thanksgiving I had learned my best friend loved to wear dress and girl type clothing. I remember the look on his face after his grandmother had taken me to buy some new clothing to keep at there home, and we went to find Robert and he was looking at dresses.

To make a long story short at this point his grandmother bought him two cute winter dresses and bought him two shirts and tops to wear also as she got this look as she looked at me. while she did not say anything I knew what she was thinking as she picked up two skirts and matching tops in m size she guessed.

About this time Roberts mother came to find us wither father as she stood there looking at us. I remember the look on her face as she ask her mother just what she thought she was doing and my soon to be Nana just told her shopping then her mother looked at what I had in my arms and told me I did not have to wear them and to put them back, I looked at Nana and Roberts mother just told me it was ok . but I did not have wear any of the stuff I just smiled.

Christmas 1960 12/23/1960
we had learned a few days before that Roberts uncle and his wife was going to be there for Christmas. and that really seemed to upset Robert. and over the next two days leading up to this day I had come to understand the reason for his feeling.
we had been ask if we would like to take a ride that night and see the Christmas lights in a different town and we said of course. then his aunt ask if he was going to be correctly and nana just said of course

His grandmother said it was ok as she helped me move my hand out of his training pants and she helped Robert stand up and we walked with each other into the bath room as they started to fill the tub with hot water. Soon we were awake and sitting in a tub of hot water with Epson salts added.
As we sat in the water Robert had his back on my chest and turned his head to look at me as he ask me if I ever felt Like I was in the wrong body. I told him no and he looked at me and said he felt like he should have been a girl, did not know what really to say, other than you have to be what you are. But I will still be your best friend and I hope I you will still be mine best friend. As we played in the water and I washed his hair and his back then turned around and he did the same fore as there was a knock on the door and his mother and grandmother came in to make sure we were ok.
As help us out and help us to get dressed, as his mother dried us off. As his grandmother went to get us clean clothes to wear and she came back with one of the outfits from thanksgiving she had bought us.

Robert looked at me I took the skirt, she hand me and step into in like she had taught me and place the tee shirt on then the matching top to go with the Robert was also putting on, we looked at each other and both giggled. Robert’s mother and grandmother kissed me and said! Thank you so much.

We walked out and sat down on the couch with each other and one of our books. We started to take turns reading from the book out loud to each other.
I think it was greater look his uncle wife gave us as she saw how we were dressed. We could hear them talking to a point in the kitchen area and part of it was how we were dressed.

Soon we were both asleep on the couch with Roberts head on my lap and had cover up with a light blanket, but even more they had placed my hand inside the back of his skirt on his bear skin.

We woke up a few hours later with our grandmother playing old maid with the little kids. As she heard us making noise she called us sleepy heads, as we walked out to the kitchen to join them at the big table.

Robert got us a soda to share, as we sat down and started to talk with them. It was not long and we heard a car drive up, we ask to be excuse as we went to help them bring the stuff in to the house.

After all the stuff was in the house Robert ask if he could help put it away and we were told it was ok. we asked to be excuse and went out and turned on the TV and soon the little kids joined us in front of the TV as Robert just laid his head on my arm I placed my arm around his shoulder.

We were ask what we would like for dinner and we told them we really did not care as our grandmother ask the little kids what they wanted which was easy it was just hot dogs so dinned was fried potatoes and hot dog, after dinner, the kid were taken to the bedroom and had there night cloths put on.

We were ask by Roberts uncle what we planned on wearing to go see the Christmas lights. We smile and answered other then dry pants we were going to just get our coats and go this way. The new adults ask if we were going to walk around the area dressed as we were and we both just said yes as Roberts uncle wife walked away shaking her head.

We both wonder if we had pushed them to far this time till we saw the grin on our grandmothers face and also our mothers face, as the took us to get heavy sweater on and coats and the ask if we really and thought this thought we smiled and said no.

As we head to the van I opened the door for the adults then I got in last and closed the door as our grandfather started up the van and head into the big town so we could go see the lights. It was hard trying to find a parking spot but it appeared even harder trying to drive down the street to the area of the show

We did find a place a few blocks away as we started the walk it took about 3 hours to walk all around the area and look at all the light and hear all the music going on but the people were the biggest show special the little kids with big eye.

It was decide we would wait a block away on the main road, as Roberts grandfather went and got the van and he would pick us up the we would head home on the back road home to avoid traffic
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