First And Last Time (For Now)

Last summer i was left alone at the house for a full weekend and spent the most of it crossdressing which is just fun in itself. One day I bought a new pair of heels and wanted to try them out since i only dressed and walked around the house. So I got dressed wearing my denium skirt, my favorite pair of sheer energy pantyhose, grabbed my heels and drove out to a park thats right by my house and walked around for awhile. I went at night since at the time i only had a skirt on and no wig or makeup. once i got to the park I stepped out and instantly i was in heaven. The cool night breeze brushing up against my pantyhosed legs felt amazing and the clicking of my heels on the concrete was so addicting to hear. I only walked around twice being that my feet started to hurt. I haven't been able to do it again but as soon as the moment comes im so going out for a walk again hoping that this time i can be fully dressed make up, wig everything.
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8 Responses May 24, 2013

It is fun to go out walking whenever you can. When fully dressed it is even better. When I first started feeling confident enough to go out in the daylight, on Sunday mornings I'd go downtown window shopping, or park near a church that had early services, and walk around the neighborhood. Since it was usually quiet then I felt safe. The few cars that passed only seemed to see a woman heading to church. It was so enjoyable.

It's feel wonderful to walk outside totally dressed femme

I have done this a few times over the years and can say that feeling you get when the cold breeze hits your pantyhosed legs is just incredible, I havent done this for awhile but might just do it again soon have fun

Out and about when "dressed" can be so exhilarating! I really love those opportunities.

Try it when you can it is such an experience and what a thrill

I mean fully dressed as in bra, breast form, panties, hose or stockings (whichever you prefer), skirt and blouse or dress, heels, wig and makeup. If you are going to do something do it right.
If you don't have a wig go and get one, the sales people are more than happy to help out, you can always say it's for a party (they wont believe you but might make you feel better)
Dont forget to buy a handbag so that you can carry the essentials like perfume, lipstick, hair brush, condoms and money.

Try going to local mall fully dressed and buying some clothes or even a coffee or doing supermarket shopping. It is such a buzz seeing the expression on faces of the staff

If it was right by your house why did you drive there? And good for you, I'd love that experience