Last weekend May 3, 2014 I went on a walk with some friends. It was me, Aidan,Maria, Gavin,Madison, and Ashley. Aidan, Gavin and I were at Maria's house that day and we wanted to get out of the house and go outside. We didn't know what to do outside so we decided to go on a walk. Well we didn't have clothes to walk in. We had jeans one because we thought we were going to the mall. So we weren't in walking clothes. So we didn't know what to do. So Maria and a pair of yoga pants that fit Gavin and Aidan. I didn't fit in hers. But Ashley had a extra pair because she want dry clothes I case we went swimming. So she gave me her yoga pants and they fit fine. Then we went on the walk around her neighborhood. When we got back we changed and then we went to the movies.

Fun facts that I learned in this day:

1. Girl always have to pairs of pants with them.
2. They always have a bathing suit.
3. They all have extra make up with them.
4. They love when boys dress as girls.
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Yoga pants are neat. I like how they are kinda like just thick tights, but they end at your ankles. They might look like tight sweats but usually they feel way nicer than that. I bet you had fun! Did you wear some colorful socks with the yoga pants? I like wearing scrunched down bright color socks with them.