Ever have one of those days where things were going both wrong and so right? I was about 22 and spending the weekend in a nearby city where I'd left every vestige of my male things behind, well locked in the trunk of my car down in the hotel parking lot, so that even if I chickened out I would have to at least check in and out and go to my car enfemme'. I didn't think I'd stay in my room but you never know.
I didn't raise any eyebrows checking in or going to my room so I felt better and more confident. Later during the evening I went out for a walk wearing nylons, matching dark blue lace frilly garter belt, bra and bikini panties under a short dark blue mini dress with three inch heels.
After a few blocks I started to be noticed more and when I turned the corner one guy that was behind me called out and said he be looking for me on ******* street later. I had no idea what he meant and assumed it was a local spot for TV friendly clubs and bars.
After a very interesting day I had a short nap. When I got up I showered and set my fairly long hair, did my face and polished my nails,(bright red if you want know), then dressed carefully in a very short, light pink skirt and matching ruffled blouse over a hot pink, very lacy lingerie' set. My hemline left the dark band atop my nylons just showing when I was standing and I knew if I sat down or bent over my panties would be on display. Hookerish yes but that was the look for tonight as I planned to get lucky one way or the other. I brushed my hair out to match my outfit and wore four inch pink heels.
I stopped at the front desk to ask directions to the street and the clerk arched his eyebrows as he looked me up and down before giving me directions with a smirk on his face!
I wondered what the smirk was about but as it was only a few blocks to the street I just started walking. Traffic built up as I got closer as did whistles and catcalls. I sort of enjoyed the added attention and it did help my confidence.
I couldn't see any obvious clubs or bars but did notice a few more gurls like myself hanging around. Some smirked at me, some looked like they resented me and some just looked resigned to being here.
When I asked one of the gurls about it I discovered this wasn't the street for clubs or bars but rather the local TV stroll. At least I was dressed for the occasion!
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Great story. Very exciting

it was scary exciting and I was never sure whether to be complimented or insulted at being mistaken for a TV hooker

Of course you were or should have considered it as a compliment. To my opinion anyway. You were good. You were confident. You were convincing. You were beautiful and sexy. You were amazing. Isn't that a compliment
Unless you didn't want to be all that 😉