Went Farther Than Ever Before

First, I want to apologize a little if I wander a bit while describing my experience.  There are just so many thoughts I want to write about, but they cannot be expressed all at the same time!

Last night (Wed., 21-Oct) the weather forecast for early this morning (basically, what most people would call "overnight") was for warmer than average temperatures, but there was a good chance for rain.  The forecast for tonight is for more seasonable temperatures, meaning down near freezing, and stay that way for as long as the US NWS forecasts have been made (a week).  I wanted to experience the feeling again of not just dressing for myself in my own home, but be really out there, with at least the possibility of someone driving by and seeing me (meaning, it matters how I look).  Since I really didn't want to walk in the rain, and I didn't want to have to wear a coat for the cold, I went to sleep kind of disappointed that I was probably going to miss an opportunity to enjoy the experience.  (I guess I don't want to wear a coat partly because I really want to show off the dress I'm wearing, and partly because I don't have a women's style coat.)  I also haven't really considered going out en femme during the daytime, because honestly (and I know there are a lot of people who say I shouldn't care so much), I don't have the courage to "come out" to my neighbors, and I would rather they not think of me as weird and make them uncomfortable for me to be around them.  So any time I've gone out it has been early morning, when it is dark out and everyone is likely to be asleep.  And if they're not, due to lack of light it would be more difficult to identify me positively (perhaps a bit of plausible deniability).

I had even been to a shoe shop Wed. night to buy some pumps to replace the ones I have which are wearing out, and because this particular chain has the deal of buy one, get a second pair half off, for the first time ever I got myself some flats.  Although where I went had some sexier, higher heels, some shiny and some even glittery, I didn't really think I wanted anything which would draw attention to them and me, and opted for lower heels with a matte black finish.  There were several flats to choose from too, but really, I only liked the ones you'll see in a photo later...again, neutral in color (black) and not too flashy but still looking like dress shoes, not casual.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I woke up at around my "target time" to get ready to go out, about 2:30, and the rain had come, gone, and even much of it had already dried up!  I went through my routine of shaving my face as closely as possible (w/ an electric razor, mind you) and brushing my black wig so it looks not all messed up, and gathering it in back in a very short pony tail.  This time, I went even one step further than I usually do, and put on some makeup to cover what remained of my facial hair (kind of a shadow above my upper lip in particular).

I had been thinking for several days that it might be really exciting to go out in the "girliest" thing that I have, but again, I have tended to go out in very plain, single color outfits so as to not draw a lot of attention to myself.  But for some reason, I decided, I want to just "go for it" with the femininity.  I was thinking, if I wanted, I could go just a little ways to try it out, but if I thought it was too flashy, too attention-getting, I could just return and change into something a little more mundane and monotone.

So, I put on some floral print bikini panties for that extra touch of femininity, a white slip, and some black pantyhose as well.  I mean, there are some dresses/skirts/jumpers that just "say to me" they look too "fine," too formal, to be worn with something as casual as socks and sneakers, they demand to be worn with at least dress shoes, and probably either hose or tights.

So...I recreated the outfit a little while ago when I discovered how to upload a photo for use with a post.  I apologize...initially I had the picture include my head with the wig and all, but I'm still not 100% comfortable with posting photos with my face, so better safe than sorry for now, and cropped it out.  So...here's kind of how I looked:

In case it doesn't show up too well for you, the shoes have brass-looking chains across the width.

It was a few minutes after three when I was ready, and went outside.  Shortly afterward, I noticed that it was a touch windy because my dress was lifted up a little, and I thought, this _could_ get a little embarrassing.  But I decided, there wasn't even a wind advisory in effect, so...I'll chance it!  I could probably quickly enough gather my dress together and hold it around my legs while any stiff enough gusts passed.  So gathering up a little courage, I went for it, and headed out to the sidewalk.

In about a minute, I got to the top of my street, and sort of said to myself, you know what?  I don't mind, it feels too great to be out in something so pretty, I'm going to go right around the block in this.  It's not like the hemline is high, at all, on my legs to attract a lot of attention, this is really just an average full-skirted dress when you really get down to it.

The feeling for me of this dress on my legs was just...I guess sublime.  I'm not sure why, but often times when I have done this, a tune will be stuck in my mind.  This morning, probably because I was playing it the previous night, the intro tune for Angry Birds Rio was "playing in my head," over and over.  (I don't undestand Portuguese, so I don't understand a word of it, it's all like scat to me.)  The feeling was kind of extra interesting for me, because walking in a dress indoors is fairly predictable.  But when there is a breeze around, you never know quite precisely how the fabric will feel against your legs, or indeed, in extreme cases, if it will even be around your legs!

After I made my way around the block, I kind of said to myself, you know what, this feels so amazing to be out in public in a dress, I'm going to go down the next street over to the west too...and so I did.

Then I went back to the street with my home, and went its entire length too.  By the time I returned home, it was about 3:50, kind of in my mind getting a little too late to chance being out (a _little_ worried about some early risers seeing me, and to a certain extent, not wanting to be seen by the newspaper delivery person, who generally comes around 4 or 4:30).  But, I thought, I still have a little "safe time," I went and got my new pumps to try them out too, and went out again.

That was a nifty sensation too.  I only went a little ways this time, figuring I don't really want to be out appreciably more than 5 minutes, and 5 minutes back.  I got home at about 4:05, with no signs that the newspaper delivery person had been by (might have been, I don't know for sure).  But imagine my surprise when I saw the price tag might have been hanging out the right side the right pump!  Oops!  It's out NOW!

Anyhow...I had measured the distance for the longest distance I know I have walked in public en femme, years and years ago, when I had more hair and didn't really need to wear a wig.  But I figured out this morning's walk was an even longer distance walked, by about 700 m or so!  So maybe it's a little offbeat, but I'm excited at this minor accomplishment of sorts.
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51-55, M
Oct 22, 2015