One evening when I originally start to cross-dress and find out about myself I went out dressed as a female. My parents were not at home as they were on holiday. So I decide that late one evening I would go out for a walk dressed as Carrie. All I had to do was make sure I could get out the door without anyone seeing me come out and then I was on the way.

I had been dressing for awhile and I knew that I could get the makeup almost right and I knew the cloths that I could get into so I took the chance. I put on a bra, panties, nylons, and made breast forms as well, I was built. Then I put on a nice blouse that I could fit into and a nice skirt I could get into. I found a jacket that looked femme. But the only problem was shoes but I solved that I put on the cowboy boots I normally wore at that time. Oh yes I made sure I had a long wig on as well.

Out I went for my walk as Carrie with my dog and it was a incredible experience out walking as my self and not giving a care. I enjoyed the felling and the excitement of the walk. Only wished I had a friend I could be with but I didn't care. I did it many more times after this but always the first was the best. Enjoying the feeling of the pantyhose rubbing on my legs as I walked and the feeling of walking in a skirt as well.

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1 Response Jan 29, 2016

I also went out dressed as a woman one night went for a walk. I also go swimming in a woman's one piece swimsuit. Then I bought a swimdress and been swimming in it alot. and enjoy swimming in it.recently bought a swim skirt have yet to wear it but warmer weather is on the way so I'll be wearing it soon enough.