Dangerous Times

I was dating and living with my present gf we've been together forever. It was when her kids were at home and things had to look right for them, so it was the spare bedroom for me. Well my dressing was at an all time high, I thought I had everything I could wish for. It was really late about 2.30 am and I was really dressed to the nines when I got the idea to go for a walk. I was wearing black suspenders with matching bra and panties lots and lots of lace mmmm. I wore a cream half slip, my favorite it had a split half way up and lace trim but you could see my stockings through it, I wore a skirt suit in grey silk it felt amazing the way how everything slid over each other. Well I crept my way to her room and she was out cold, so back to the guest room, now the thought of going for a walk really grew it grew so big it forced me out of the room and down stairs. I slipped on my gf grey calf length boots and her grey coat  (i have a beard) so I grabbed her scarf wrapped it round my chin and opened the door. My heart was pounding so loud I was sure my gf would hear it and wake up, I closed the door behind me and set off after a few steps I realized how loud my footsteps were and stepped lightly from then on. I only went around the block and it only took about 5 mins but I loved it and I did pretend to be tired for the next 3 nights so I could go out again. Each time I went further and stayed out longer on the last night a car stopped and a woman asked for directions, what a thrill a total stranger talking to me as if I was a woman. This feeling was short lived, when she saw me she raced off in a panic, It was then that I realized I was very vulnerable and was not a convincing female and that at that time of night it could have been anyone in that car.  I was panicking I was still a good ten mins away from safety, my head was spinning I had never been that afraid before. I could see my world crashing around me, I was almost running when a police car came towards me, I almost wet myself when I saw them, I was sure they were coming for me, I walked as calmly as I could and they just drove by I almost collapsed. After about 1 min I looked to see if I could see them, they were gone, I ran all the way home got to my room and cried like a girl. I have never been out on my own since, I don't regret going out, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had, if you have been out dressed totally as a woman then you know the feeling. I have been out with my gf but in a much safer way and I didn't go too far from the car (my escape route) and it was always fairly late (dark). That was a long time ago and although it still gives me a thrill to remember going out on my own I have never repeated it, I have never told my gf, she would probably lecture me on the dangers of being out alone at that time. Dangerous times.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

yes, you can be safe in some parts of manchester but not all

Quite a few CDs seem to think night is safe because you're less easily seen. Actually it's a bad time because others know they are less easily seen too. Just dress well, walk well, and go with confidence in broad daylight. It's your world too.