I Love Walking In Heels..

Walking as a female is one of my favorite things. I started wearing my mothers and sisters heels when I was about 9-10. The 1st time I ever came, I was wearing heels! It was a pair of burgandy peep toe pumps. They don't fit anymore but i still have them ! It didn't take long even at that age to want to go out dressed. We lived in a quiet suburban area so nobody was out walking late at night! Except me!! When I knew my parents would be out late I would always slip out. I was conservative at the time. One of my favorite outfits was my sisters blonde wig, a pink bra with a tight pink sweater, panty hose and a denim mininskirt. For shoes I wore either pink sneakers or one of their 2 or 3" heeled sandels! Almost forgot the dangle earings from moms jewlery box! I did many variations of this walk all through my teens. In the stories I have read every body is trying to sneak out late night. That can be very dangerous today. I still go out late, but only to/or with a special friend..or maybe to a CD party of some kind! Instead....I sugest that we just go out during the day !! this is so much safer and can be even more fun. I understand if you just can't "pass" at all this won't work for you, then your stuck with the evening. With some effort though many of us can pass! You don't have to be a super model to have a lot of fun.. Don't go wild... be conservative. Knee length dress, low heels, stockings or tights [depending on your legs] not to heavy on the make up, earrings and a nice shoulder length wig [not a crazy color] and your ready to walk. Take it slow! Don't worry if you think someones looking, just take your time and enjoy your walk. If someone approches you just be the nice person you are! You have every right to be there and they will see that and walk away. [or you'll make a new friend!] I go out like this all the time and always have a good time. Now head for the mall and have fun!! xox

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One lucky gurl to be able to pass, so she could go out for walks.xxx๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

My ex wife set me up as a date for a party on the other side of townon a July Friday evening. When I got home from work that afternoon, she had me shower, and shave. Fingernails and toe nails were polished. Mascara, lipstick and make up were applied. Panties and panty hose were pulled up, anf the bra put on. I had to choose between a dress or blouse and skirt. She then chose the blouse and skirt for me as the bra was very visible through the blouse. The blue pumps were the shoes. The wig was the final touch.

It was 6:30 as I had to drive some 30 minutes across town. It ws to an apartment and I had only to park on the street--some buildings from where I had to be. I had to climb out in day light, and walk to the building, and then ring the door bell. The wife of the first man I was to satisfy opened the door and indicated I would suffice.

It was very dark when I re-dressed at the apartment to drive home. The ex asked how I liked it as her boyfriend laughed at my appearance with streaked mascara and lipstick out of place.

Lucky girl !

my wife? for sending me out like that?

No you silly. I'd love that to happen to me !

I sucked off four men, three left and the one then butt- ****** me while his wife watched. She then had him suck me of so that I got to ***, made sure I re-dressed and was sent back across town to wife and her boyfriend

Like I said you're such a lucky girl !

yes i am

My wife wanted to make sure I knew i was not a male

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If i only had your courage and confidence...

Awesome story !! I sometimes go for midnight walks in heels, hosiery and short skirt and love doing so !

Yep, yep... I'm a neck down dresser ... would LOVE to beable to PASS and wear it all ...hair, make up, and ALL below... , but alas... I'm not exactly Brad or George as a GUY, I would probably be more of a Milton Burrow ? (spell) Well, ... not that bad really.... but not far from.. ;)

Great story, I can go out day or night its equal to me, but the sounds of the heels is easily melt in the background sounds in daytime.. Of course in daytime, more people can watch or stare. I never tired to pass as a woman, even if I wear only female clothes.

You really have been there, it notices.

Take it slow! Dear, The best part of dressing for me is dressing as a hot little ****. Not really good for daylight. Even now when my interest in dressing is low, I still love the thought of wearing my thigh highs, heels and very short mini. I love even more the thought of feeling a hand reaching up my skirt and discovering that I don't wear underwear. So much nicer than having to unzip pants, don't you think? Then there's the smell of cheap slutty perfume and the feel of bright red lipstick on my lips.<br />
<br />
When I dress, it's not so much about wearing women's clothes, as it is about being hypersexual as well.

That does sound true, but the wearing of women's clothes does turn me on, the heels , nylons, bras, dresses ... But to then... Be submissive to a man with a swollen hardon calling me dirty names like ****, sissy, *****, slapping my **** filled cheek while I do my best to pleasure his fxck meat...licking and sxcking his *** laden balls making them slippery, working his veiny shaft into my throat and bottoming out to his smooth shaven belly releasing his tube steak from my throat with a slurp as he removes the condom and shoots all over my face and chest...