Gauley And New River

I went to the Gauley and New rivers. My school and I went to Gauley season and we had a BLAST. I highly recommend it for people who are up for an adventure and nice people. I won't lie and say I was a bit afraid of the state and the experience butĀ  overcame my fears. People would tell me that they were racists in West Virginia but I beg to differe because the people that guided us didn't even notice that half of us were not caucasian (I wonder why we call it that when it has the "asian" in it, but I digress). They treated us all the same and probably better. I was also afraid because I had to sign over my rights and whatnot because it is possible to lose your life while rafting. Our guide told us we were going on a class V called the "Devils Hole" and talk about being terrified. I had to mentally prepare myself for falliing out the raft and already mentally saying goodbye to all loved ones. But the truth is that nothing will go wrong as long as you listen to your guide. They provide you with safety tips and what to look forward to when you fall out, so if you have an accident 9 times out of 10 it is your fault. Since our group was so great none of us fell out of the raft the whole two days we rafted.( If that's a word?) They also take you camping on the lake. We were kind of roughing it. I say kinda because we were in tents, we had to use port-o-pottys, and thereĀ  was no cell phone service. But they had this awesome cook, who I cannot recollect his name to save my life, he cooked us a gormet meal that really satisfied. The good thing about not having cell service is that we got to roast marshmallows in the fire pit, talk with new people, and watch fireworks. The scenery was beautiful and romantic. I would love to go again.
rainbow1691 rainbow1691
18-21, F
Mar 28, 2012