After don't know how ******* long, this boyfriend of mine finally got convinced(to him he thinks it's forced) to have some nasty fun with me. Source of his b0ner anyway, so today I had a pretty aching butt and I went on top of him in bed(no actual f*cks were given), I made him f*nger me and I was pressing down on his bladder, when I felt that climax I sq*irted into his hand and his b0ner shot against me, it did hurt a small bit but I knew both of us were having fun. I squealed a bit because I needed to poop so bad, he gave me a good hug before I let go. Well at that time both of us had clothes on, until he did something so unexpected, which was taking my pinafore off.

I felt this strength and I literally swapped sides with him by just brute flipping. I pushed so hard that my slushy poo just spewed through my panties and flowing on his bed. He pressed against me once more and I felt wetness down there, I first thought it was him doing it but I didn't feel myself peeing. Just when I was about to get up from lying down he gave me a golden shower over my body, he didn't care about soaking his bed and all he wanted was for me to enjoy. Once again that got me h0rny that I squirted again.

A lot of mess and fun :D

It was a bummer he didn't poo at that time. Could have been better
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6 Responses Mar 23, 2016

i'd have ****** your dirty *** xo

Good job! Now just get him to poop, and you'll be all set :)

Could you use my bed as a toilet?

I wish I was your boyfriend. I would have smeared all your poo on my body. Anyway, thank god my girlfriend pees on me :)

Hey, you're probably as lucky as me :D

yeah, but a bite of poop would be better :)

Have him pee inside you!!!

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