Joining Army

my son has wanted to join the army since he was little cant say i was as keen infact im still not but hey i cant stand in his way.

We have finally started the ball rolling he has filled out his first lot of forms just got to sit and fill out lots of medical forms now grrrrrrr

if all goes well he will have 36hrs of checks and tests lots of running if he passes then he will start if september

my little man [hes taller than me lol] will leave home

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Will do thank you

Point taken!<br />
Suggest he has a look at the work of the Royal Artillery before he decides what part of the army he wants to join.<br />
Wish him well on my behalf

I had to go with him he is 16 and needed me to sign a consent form as hes under 18 if i wasnt letting him make his own choices i wouldn't have gone

Why did YOU go with him, for God's sake? It's HIS life, allow him to make his own decisions. <br />
If he is successful and is accepted, tell him he will find life takes a turn for the worse, just until he accepts the new routine and the discipline! THEN he will be OK<br />
Tell him "Good Luck" from me<br />