I Love Women Wearing Sheer Tops Braless

I love it when women wear sheer tops braless. A woman's body is a beautiful thing and they should show off what they have. I don't understand society's paranoia with hard or visible nipples, or going braless. It's a totally natural occurance and not something to be self-concious about. My head shows thru my pants (no underwear), so what. Don't be afraid to wear sheer tops. Be proud of what you have.

1962michael 1962michael
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2009

I love to go braless, and it feels so good to have the material of whatever shirt I have on rubbing lightly against my nipples. I rarely get to do it though. Thank you for sharing that there are people who aren't so ... put off by it.

I encourage it, there's no reason not to go braless!

Ditch your bras for ever and be free!
It is in fact more healthy to be braless!

amen brother...definetly love the ladies showing some cleavage and even better when they're sheer and showing nipples....its just nipples who hasn't seen **** before...just show them all the time...women are life's most beautiful creatures its a shame if we have them covered all the damn time...thanks for sharing