I Don't Do This In Town

I don’t go braless very often in town. I don’t feel comfortable showing my pokies to my neighbors. I do love it when Jim takes me shopping out of town or overnight for some adult fun.

We recently went to San Antonio on one of Jim’s business meetings.  We stayed at a very swank hotel on the river walk.  It was warm so I wore some short short shorts.  The bottoms of my buns were hanging out and a tank top with no bra, I don’t take one when we go out of town.

 I love going into the shops and trying on clothes.  Anything Jim wants me to try on for him.  At one shop they had a very see thru blouse that Jim wanted me to try on for him. I readily agreed and hoped he would ask me to wear it when we left the shop.  The effect it had on my nipples was astounding.  They got really hard before I went out into the shop.   I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked really hot.  Jim was very approving and told the clerk waiting on us to clip the tags as I would wear it out of the store.  We left the shop with me showing my nipples to everyone.  I loved the stares and attention I got and the feeling of the thin material rubbng on my nipples.

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13 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Very sexy story darling!!

What a way to perk up a business trip! With a lovely wife that know's how to really make what could be boring, a very exciting and memorable trip instead.
Hope you will add and check out our adventures as well... Loved the green blouse story!

Great story. Am trying to get my wife to do this, and she is going without her bra more often, though just around the house. We recently bought her a sheer blouse though she has not worn it yet. At first it will probably be with a bra but am hoping later this summer that changes.

you sound like a very sexy lady. nothing i love more than seeing a lady sharing her ******* for all the world to see. he is a very lucky guy

You should post photos of you in your sexiest outfits, like the one in this story! Even if you don't show your face, or only show it from the rear, it would still be awesome to see!

thank you

You are the woman of my dreams. I totally get the not showing your nipples in the neighborhood. At the same time, I am thrilled that you are totally willing to do things like this when you go out of town with your hubby. Do you like to show cleavage too? How many buttons on your blouse do you typically leave unfastened? What kind of bras do you wear when you wear them? I have purchased my wife really feminine sheer unlined bras that are almost better than if she were braless. I love it when she wears them under thin blouses or leaves her blouse unbuttoned enough for others to see. Your experience made me so horny. Thank you and please write more.

Great story. I wish I was there.

A couple who really knows how to have fun! Thanks for sharing.

I feel sorry that I was not present to see you in that blouse.I would have become very much aroused.


Very sexy story. I would love to sit and chat with you and your husband while you are dressed like that.

Now do pray and tell us that Jim took photos of you in your new top! bill