My Arse Rammed By A Thick Finger

Well...let me narrate one of my earlier experiences....I was in New York City at that time and I responded to an ad posting on Craigslist. After a few email exchanges and a phone call, I took some time off from my work and landed at this gentleman's place (let me call him Joe). As I entered his apartment in a high-rise, without any preamble, Joe asked me to remove all my clothes and go down on his bed on all four (knees and hands) with my legs spread by a good one foot. He then put blindfold on me. With my vision sense out of the way, all I could do was to rely on my hearing to figure out what was going on. Other than while putting on the blindfold, Joe hadn't touched me yet. I had a faint idea of what was in store for me, and I was quite excited, which had resulted in a full erection.

In some distance, I could hear some cracking sound. When I concentrated, I could make out that it was Joe trimming his nails.

After more than five minutes or so, I heard Joe walking towards me. After some rumbling sound, I felt his finger working on my anus...applying some kind of lubricant on the periphery. Since I had full erection, my anus was tight. He asked me to relax and take deep breaths. As I exhaled deep breaths - which relaxed my anal muscles -he began inserting his finger in the anus....he was quite gentle while doing so...and would apply generous quantity of lubricant from time to time. After working on it for some time and with lubricant's help, he was finally able to insert his full finger inside my anus quite easily. With his finger inside me and my eyes blindfolded, my attention was completely focused on what he was doing to my rear. That did wonders to my excitement. I could feel the throbbing in my now fully-engorged ****. Excitement was causing me to breath heavily and my nipples were hard as a rock.

Joe was quite experienced and he played with my anus for a long me deep tissue massage and at times finger-******* me with quick in-and-out movements of his finger. Although I was having a wonderful time, I still hadn't come from it.

Joe then stopped working on my anus and asked me to sit up. He also removed the blindfold. I could see on the bed a bid wet patch, which apparently was caused by my dripping pre-***. Joe then started playing with my ****. I could see that Joe had removed his clothes and he too had an erection. I took his **** in my hands and began playing with it. After some caressing and playing, both of us came one after other.

After cleaning up, I left Joe's place happy, content and fully satisfied.

BottomGuy BottomGuy
36-40, M
May 7, 2012