i am currently a 20 year old girl living in a hell hole of a country because i refused to marry a jerk.

when i was 17, my life was perfect. I was proposed to my fiance Conor and i couldnt been happier. my mum couldnt see this though. She arranged for my marriage to a man who didnt even ask for my hand.. he bought it! I could see from the first meeting his greed, dishonesty and his heartless soul. none of that mattered to my mum though. the only thing that mattered to her was the fat check she was getting to hand me over. of course i refused to marry him. Soon the man was gone and so was his money. my mum was furious. she sent me to america and refused to talk to me or give me money to get home. Ive stayed in contact with my fiance and even though hes trying his best to get me back to my home, hes not a rich fellow and he still cant afford it even with my help.

So now im in america. lonely, depressed and hopeful of the day when Conor or me gets enough money to send me home and be married. i pray to god everyday that this will come true. my prayers are yet to be answered but i know that someday i will return home and it will be a day of rejoice and extreme happiness. it is a day i will forever look forward to
keighlyaoibhe keighlyaoibhe
Jul 28, 2010