Spanked Severely Twice, Once By My Father And Once By My Mother

My parents didn't spank very often, and not, when we were small children - they used it mainly, when we misbehaved after the age of 10! There are two punishments, that I will remember the rest of my life! The first happened, when I was a little more than 12 and was in 6th grade at school! I had been called to the headmasters office for being rude to a teacher, and he gave me a serious scolding! I got angry and shouted to him: Shut up, you old idiot!! That was a very serious offence, but instead of caning me, he told my father, who was teacher at the same school, what had happened - and he did it in front of all the teachers in the teachers room during an interval, which was very embarrassing for my father! I soon came to regret my behaviour - when we came home later the same day, he at once called my mother and my two older brothers, who was 18 and 16 years old, to the living room, ordered me to take off all my clothes, so I was completely naked (he didn´t want any clothes to get in his way during the punishment, and at the same time it increased the humiliation), and sat down on a sofa with a large towel over his knees! I was then placed with my naked bottom upwards right over his knees, and he gave me around 50 very hard strokes with his open hand in my naked behind with the whole family watching! My buttocks were very red, very sore and swollen, and very warm afterwards, and my father later told me, that the strokes had been as hard, as he could manage - the very many and very distinct marks could be seen and felt for 2-3 weeks, so it was difficult to sit down on the hard benches at school! It turned out, that he had been wise to protect himself with the towel, as I urinated several times during this enourmous spanking, and now it ended up on the towel instead of on his trousers or on the sofa! Moreover, it turned out later that one of my best friends very well before anyone else knew that I had been beaten badly. Oddly enough, my parents had only thought of pulling the living room curtains, so no one could look in, but not thought of locking the doors to the house before the punishment began, and my friend had unsuspecting come to be together with me. He had knocked on the door, but since no one responded and the door was unlocked, he went in - he came into the hall and could now clearly hear what was going on, both from the screams and the very revealing, very loud and sharp smacking sounds, namely that there was someone receiving a violent beating in the naked behind! Of course, he hastened to leave, but he could figure out that I was the "victim", as my big brothers were too old to receive corporal punishment. He told me some months later, and it was also embarrassing for me to know that he had directly heard the sounds of my punishment.

The second happened, when I was 14½ and was alone at home with my mother on a hot and humid summer day, and thus, besides my underwear, was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt - that turned out to be a great disadvantage! I didn´t want to do my many chores, so we got into an argument - one word took the other, and in the end I shouted some awful things to her (***** and worse)!! She gave me a hard and very well-deserved slap on the side of my head, but I was very angry and slapped her back - that was a great mistake! Although I was nearly as tall as her, she managed to fetch a solid wooden coathanger, grab my arm, bend me over a table, and pull down my shorts and underpants! She then gave me an enormous trashing with the coathanger - 60-70 violent strokes in my naked behind!! For the second time in my life, I urinated during a punishment, and the very many and very distinct marks and stripes could be seen and felt for 5-6 weeks! It gave me great problems at school, when the other boys in 9th grade saw it - I had to take my showers after the PE lessons (it was very painful just to participate in those lessons, because my shorts rubbed against my very sore buttocks), so I couldn´t avoid, that they saw my very colourfull bottom! Before long, as was the case with the spanking after my misbehaviour at school 2½ year earlier, the whole school knew, what had happened, which was very embarrassing for a teenage boy!!
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If i got in trouble in school they called home gave mom all the details and i knew i would be punished soon after getting home as soon as i walked in the kitchen door mom had the wood paddle on the table otk i went and a good paddling was given no nonsense and if anyone else was there she didn't care i was lucky if i wore jeans to scool that day because if i did she paddled me over my jeans if not she would lift my skirt and paddle my lil panties and i always cried if it was something real serious i did bad at school i would get it from mom and be told to go to my room and daddy will be up to tend to you as soon as he gets home from work and he often used his belt owwwwwwwwww

I have to say, that you were more lucky than me! When I received corporal punishment after the age of 10, it was always in the naked behind, and often I had to undress completely before the punishment started!

I can give another example of this! When I was 17 years old, my parents had allowed me to go out together with some friends, but I was told to be back before 2 am and not to get too drunk! It turned out, that I returned after 4 am and was very drunk, and when I returned, I was told to go to bed at once and was also told, that I later would be severely punished! Towards noon after a few hours of sleep I was taken to the living room, had to undress completely, so I was naked, and then my father gave me a severe strapping with his belt (50-60 strokes) in my naked behind before the eyes of my mother. This was the last time I received corporal punishment, so I remember it very clearly!

wow, my parents would probably do that to me too; especialy if i hit them, EVER!!! but that sound horable just thinking about it

Yes, it was horrible, but in both cases I guess I deserved it in some way! But the strange thing was, that my parents didn´t spank us very often - but when they did, they did it thoroughly, and I will never forget it!