My moms panties were way too big for me to wear as a pre-teen. Furthermore, her choice in panties was far too practicle with most of her pantie drawer filled with simple cotton high waisted panties. With no sisters in the house my options were limited to get my hands on these little satin treasures. My good friend down the street had many sisters and I just could not resist the temptation to voyeur their dirty laundry hamper. Several times with hands trembling I would sneek a soiled pair in my pants pocket. It felt so wrong to steal, and to get caught would have been disasterous but logical thought and good conscience was overriden by the lust of the desiree to having a new pair of delicate panties to wear. So I would continue to play at my friends house for a while sneeking my hand into my pocket to rub the satin. When it was time to go home I would make it in record time and rush to the bathroom to try on my new bounty.
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Aug 28, 2014