First Time On Purpose

so i found some diapers in my house and i dont know how they got there but i wasnt about to let them go to waste. so i put one in my panties and peed. I have ben sick for the past week and i really have had no choice but to go in a diaper because my boyfriend got tired of cleaning up a huge mess when i just pooped and peed in the bed but this time i planned it. I am feeling better and I did it willingly and it felt great!
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I just pooped in my diaper too! [feels awesome], how does it make u feel??


Me too, gets all the juices flowing [hehe]....I like to slide up n down in the warm, squishy mess [a new hobby of mine]......makes me so hard, u?

Wish we could diaper each other.....nice.

And there's more pee flowing into my diaper as I type.....mmmm.

Well I am a girl so I don't get hard but I get horny just pooping. Even if it is t in my panties

I don't have any more diapers

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there's nothing better than filling a diaper :) love to chat sometime please add me