Had To Join This Group

I just saw this group and had to join. I hope others will as well. I am a transvestite with a wetlook fetish. My favorite type of women's clothing is office attire, and in particular skirt suits or dresses with jackets. I also love getting my clothes wet. My favorite is to go swimming in a pool fully clothed, though I also enjoy taking a bath or showering in my clothes. I've occasionally peed in my clothes also.

I don't know if the purpose orĀ focus of this group is more around wetlook (swimming/showering/bathing) in business suits or wetting oneself in a business suit. Either way, I hope more people will share stories here.
BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I have the same fetish. I also enjoy wearing women's clothes combined with wetlook. I also prefer women's business attire but do only like the pantsuits. I have always liked women's business pants and wear them all the time to work and out. I like the thinner fabric and like how they flow when walking etc. I do only wear the wide leg style and also loving palazzo pants. I always wear a business shirt and tie to work but usually just a shirt when going out. I also have a fetish for suspenders( braces in certain countries) so I always pair them with the pants daily. I also love women's jumpsuits and I can be seen in either outfits 24/7. Its only been a short time since I started the wetlook experience and started it by accident but enjoyed the feel and look straight away and regularly now partake in the experience. I wasn't sure if I was the only one and now I know im not it opens my eyes a bit more. Thank you

Thank you for your response. Crossdressing and wetlook is not an uncommon dual fetish. You said wetlook for you started by accident. How did you first experience getting wet in your clothes?