Getting Wet In Girlie Clothes

Going into water in full dress is very fun...lots of pettis, square dance dress, hose and heels. The feeling of clinging feminity is outstanding. Using the indoor pool one snowy night (at our apt complx) I dressed and wrapped up in a towel. Of course, no one else was about and the air in the pool house was a fog. I was in a yellow square dance dress with all the trimmings, and waded in in complete privacy, swimming and swishing my dress in the warm water. Coming back to the apt meant a dunk in the bath...still dressed! Done this a few times in various dresses. Must be complete outfit for effect to be satisfying.
Tiffany9000 Tiffany9000
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I also love to get completly dolled up in my frilly square dance and dress with lots of full ptticoats and play in the bath. i get so hard stroking the wet material over my hardness