As a young child I was difficult to potty train and was not fully trained until just before starting kindergarten. Once I was in kindergarten, I met a friend who went #1 in her pants all the time. One day at recess she convinced me to do it with her while we played house. I loved the feeling, and started going in my underpants again quite frequently.
My mother was quite frustrated and took me to the pediatrician several times about the issue. The doctor told her it was a phase and as long as I did it privately, not to worry about it.
Mom started buying me diapers and Pull-Ups that I was to wear. When I started second grade she decided that I was too old to wear them to school, but I still wore them at home. Second grade is also when I quit going in my pants when I was in public. However, home was a different story. As long as I wasn't sitting on upholstered furniture or the carpet, I was allowed to do #1 in my pants if I cleaned everything up afterward. If I wanted to do #2, I had to go to the privacy of my bedroom or the bathroom.
It became habit for me to just go in my pants if I was at home or had on a Pull-Up. It was actually very convenient. I
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You've had an interesting and quite arousing childhood.