Wet Panties In Church

Believe it or not i used to go to church (NO IT WAS NOT THE RED LION INN) well sunday school really, now my parents never actually took me, too busy working on the farm (they said) so i went with a neighbour and her bratty boy. I think i was about nine or maybe ten, anyway mom would send me to sunday school in a horrible frilly sunday dress you know the kind guys (that you really secreatly want to wear) the kind that stick out if you sit down wrong everyone sees your panties (or diapers what ever) underneath i wore white cotten briefs the kind with scalloped edges on the legs and waist band. Anyway this particular day sunday school seemed to drag on for ever, and i really needed to pee (or as i said at the time need to go whizzzz) i sat there holding my self and fidgeting in my seat, as i sat there i realized i losing control of my bladder , i begun to dribble in my panties then a sudden hot spurt, suddenly the flood gates opened up and i peed my self sitting on the wooden bench, i heard pee splashing down onto the stone floor , it felt warm and sort of nice but then my panties grew cold and clammy. We went home the neighbour never said a word to me her bratty son i dont think clued in (yeah he was a bit stupid) however my mom screamed blue murder at me it seems all she was worried about was the stupid dress would she be able to clean it and get the pee smell out of it?.
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ok, here is another one i remembered.
when i was younger my mom would sometimes send me to another church for their vacation Bible school. This was in the summers.
The one time it was my first time to this church. I was shy and at the time, really didn't like going to other churches. I liked mine and was comfortable there, but not at other churches.
Anyway, this was in the evening, for one week. Each night I would arrive and the water i drank at supper caught up with me. I was too shy to ask for the bathroom.
Luckily, each night we took a brake to go out and play. I must have been 9 that first time. We would go outside to the playground for about 1/2 hour. well, it didn't take long that first night until i was bursting. I have a weak bladder, so accidents happen often anyway. Well, i found this cool playlet that you could climb on and it had a place to crawl inside that could hold maybe 3 kids. I would go in there as soon as I could, as soon as ther were no more kids aroun. I would squat and pee my panties there. I always wore a skirt back then (and now too, so accidents are not a big deal). Only my panteis ever got wet, i seemd to know even back then how to pee and not be noticed. the group was a bark mulch so really no evidence!!
I did this every evening during play time. So, I almost always sat in wet panties during the class time. I actually like d the wet squishy panties, and would often rub my legs together to get my crotch to feel the wet rubbing panties. I didn't know then, but I must have been turned on by the feeling. Good thing I didnt yet know how to rub myself, or fer sure I would have in front of everyone, lol

Cute story!! The one I remember best right now, is when we did the Christmas story at Christmas. I got to play Mary, since I had the same basic name. We had to wear those old gowns, but this was actually a good thing, especially that night. All I had on underneath was panties. Well, about half way through the drama i had to pee really bad. I held it bout as good as i could, but dancing around was not a good thing. Finally, i took full advantage of the long gown and straw floor, and peed my panties just standing there. There was hissing going on, but i don't think anyone could tell where it was coming from, and the straw soaked up all the pee. No one ever knew anything!! how lucky!!
I remember feeling so relieved finally peeing, and then naughty, standing infront of everyone with peed panties on! I was wet the rest of the night, but it was fun.


At least you didn't poop...otherwise it would have been a holy $#it! LOL...sorry couldn't resist.

I read the comments below, Mells...I thought I was the only one who wanted to wear your dresses!

see you have competition, take a number sweety lol.

Oh my...I better get in line!

I accidentally peed myself in second grade. It wasn't on purpose I was just so shy I was afraid to ask to get up and go use the bathroom.... I remember sitting there, thinking I could hold it... it was the same way. At first it was little spurts, that I managed to stop. Then they got longer and suddenly my little bottom just opened up... I never wanted to do it, so I was hugely embarrassed..... I had to go to the nurses and get her special panties and sweats for little kids who peed their pants..... and wear the mark of shame the rest of the day. Oh well, at least it wasn't my Sunday dress.... LOL

You made talking about pee funny kids accept it better than adults. You had to go so you just let it out. My daughter would hold her pee until she had to go now. It didn't bother her she would stand there and just let it fly wet pants didn't bother her

Well......wetting yourself can feel like a religious experience ;-)

Yeah and in the puddel i saw the virgin mary---or was it just my reflection?

Was she blond?

funnily enough yes she was

OMG can't believe you actually said go whizzzz lol. I remember having an accident and wetting my pants at school. Our school uniform was grey knee-length pants and they turned damp then wet and went dark, they were quite absorbent and I seem to remember the smell and that I rather liked it. I think it was cold out because I have this vague image of some steam coming off my wet pants afterwards and my pants clinging to me and feeling nice. It would have been lovely if only I hadn't been so embarrassed and worried about being punished (which I wasn't, but it was a strict school and I was scared). I didn't have many accidents but that memory just flooded back. How did you know I wanted to wear your dress?

oh every one wants to wear my dresses lol (they wanna wear my jeans as well but thats another story) i used many terms re wetting /peeing as a kid do a pee, go pee pee , useing the little girls room, go potty, as i got older into my teens i was a bit more graphic like take a **** , gonna take a whizz, going for a slash was used by a friend of mine (she was such a dyck) . I remember a boy in our class wet his pants, he was wearing shorts grey ones too if i remember, he just sat there not moving, untill the teacher told him to go to the nurse, he came back later wearing a pair of jean overalls (i think they were girls ones they had no fly in the front, these were the short ones.

I started fantasizing about boys wetting their pants while at that school (I wasn't gay but it was a boys' school) and so my fantasies were generally about someone peeing themselves in grey shorts (because that's what we all wore). Then I discovered girls, and discoverd jeans (in that order) and yes you BET I want to wear your jeans only maybe not today because of my little problem, remember?

iam soooooo tempted to make a joke re your little problem (blonde girl sticking out pinky finger and grinning) but i wont cos iam a nice girl and i go to church on a regular basis my church is called the black swan inn HAAAAAAA , would you be able to get into a size 5 pair of low rise jeans? with poo stains in the rear.

I doubt it but if there are poo stains I'd try anyway. Thanks for your loving concern about my little problem, it's so sweet of you to care. My lollypoop is still sore (since you ask). Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? I'd be crazy to, but who knows. Not today though. I want to hear more about the Black Swan Inn. Do you wet your pants there too?

used too when we lived in calgary, not sure if that pub is even there any more.

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