My Bed Is My Latrine.

Bed wetting is a way of life to me. I love golden rain, the feel of hot **** against my skin is wonderful and I enjoy drinking my pee as well. The main way I enjoy golden rain is in my bed which I have lined with plastic sheets. I don’t use the toilet anymore when I’m at home, that is what my bed is now for so when I need to go I just pull the top sheet back, yank my tights down and let my hot torrent of **** shower all in my latrine. My bed gets flooded with pee, the site of the golden lake really turns me on, it’s so inviting, my ***** goes rigid and I just have to take my clothes off and get into it. When I’m in my latrine I’m in complete ecstasy, the **** feels gorgeous as it swills around my body and I roll around in it having really dirty, splashy fun. I love laying on my side and shallow ******* my **** pond, thrusting my bell end and the top half of my shaft into the pee and it feels great but my passion builds and I have to then roll onto my tummy for some really deep **** *******. Oh God it’s ******* beautiful! I **** my pee really hard and moan in ecstasy at the feel of my stiff, bulbous *****, fully immersed in my urine as I stab away at it and the lake of pee splashes round my hips and swirls all up around my legs, my tummy and up to my chest. I’m soon on the verge of having an ****** but I love ******* my **** so I keep stopping when I’m near to shooting and when the sensation has gone I start to **** once more.
My bladder often needs emptying but there’s no need to go to the toilet when your in it so I roll onto my back and **** all up my belly and over my chest, the hot **** feels ******* great as it flows all over me and runs down the side of my abdomen into my ever deepening lake and I love to raise my bum out of the pee and then lower it back down and then raise my back and lower it back down and enjoy the feel of the urine swilling all up and round my buttocks and my back before my passion overwhelms me once more and I have to roll over and have another good, long pee ****. Torn between the desire to carry on ******* and going all the way to completion the desire to ****** eventually wins and I carry on *******, thrusting my rampant, stiff member into my urine, it splashes all round my ***** and my tummy, the feeling in my penis gets so intense and then I gasp and explode, hot, salty jets of ***** violently shooting out of my shiny pink bulb, all in my lovely sexy pee until my climax subsides and I’m sexually satisfied….until the next ****! **** and ***** were made for each other.
After a few days my latrine is brimming with **** and ***** and I take the sheet out of the bed and pour it down the bath and rinse it with cold water and then just put it back in my bed and my toilet is clean again and ready for my perverted use.  I don't know what my neighbours must think.  The sound of me urinating into my toilet is unmistakeable but there's never a flush afterwards and then there's the sound of sex, very wet splashy sex.  The rhythmic sound of pee splashing up round my hips and pelvis as I'm having my end away and the sobs, moans and groans of my enjoyment.  I normally do all of this under my plastic top sheet and quilt which muffles the sound a bit at night when I'm usually at it.  It's not a problem unless I want to set my camcorder up and film my depravity in which case the top of the latrine comes away and I ****, roll around and **** in the open view of my camcorder.  **** ******* is so beautiful. I’d love to hear from women who pee the bed and I’d love a woman to join me for some really horny ******* fun in my latrine.

Sheerboy Sheerboy
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

It's a wonderful thing, when shared with someone else.