College Bedwetting

When i was a freshman i was an everynight wetter and i had a roommate he was cool but a little on the anti social side so he never left the dorms after classes. so i went to see where i can get my pullups( goodnites or depends ) on without him noticing at first i would go to the gym at night and keep my diapers in the gym bag and where the nylon pants bulky and loud so he could not detect a bulge or here anything even though they are fairly quiet. then one night in the early fall i went to go check out a fraternity and got extremly drunk and did not go to the gym and passed out in my bed and i wet the bed my roommate looked at me in shock and said looks like you had fun last night and then i made friends with frat boys but never pledged (i like having my options open) so every night i came back never really slammered like the 1st night but tipsy and then my roommate told me that my drinking was becoming a problem and if i wanted to change roommate that was fine but he gave me an altimatem and told me to 1) leave 2) stop drinking 3) wear protection to bed. i told him he was a great roommate and i appreciate his honesty and then acting like the fool i said ok we can but a plastic sheet on my bed and he said ok but i ment like pullups he confessed to me he had occassional accidents till sophmore year of highschool  and that his parents made him wear pullups when at relatives, hotels and friends so i asked him if he can help me choose the right protection and he said sure we went to walgreens and picked up depends for men and when he is stressed midterms and finals he asks me for a depends cause he is more likely to wet when stressed. he kept my secret and my best friend.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2011