Checked The Box

I am a life long bedwetter. When I was accepted at college, my mother checked the "bedwetting" box on the medical forms. When I was assigned to my dorm, my roommate also had a bedwetting problem -actually worse than mine. We each had a plastic cover on our mattress and discretely wore diapers and plastic pants. It was never a problem.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Its great that your own experience turned out so well, especially since this is not an easy issue to be dealing while at college and in dorm/apt situations. You show that Bedwetting can be managed discretly and kept more a secret if one chooses to do so.

Great story. Where did you go to school? I've been fascinated with bedwetting in college dormatories, and once tried to do a search for which schools still include a bedwetting checkbox on their housing applications/forms. Were you aware that your mother checked the bedwetting box? Did you assume your roommate would also be a bedwetter? Did anyone else ever find out, and if so, how did others respond to you? I have found that as long as I am confident and matter of fact, others approach my bedwetting the same way. Being that it wasn't a problem for you, I suspect you did the same. Cheers.

USC as the University of South Carolina or University of Southern Calf.?