Bedwetting Odors

I have not read a story about bedwetting odors. When I was young I was friends with a bedwetter well one morning her and I were together and I noticed astrong smell of fermented urine coming from her. She said she had wet last night but another family member was in the shower. I told her it was OK but I really thought it was NICE. Since then I have liked the smell of pissy mattersses. Anyone have similar interests????? write about it.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Dunno about pissy mattresses, but I like the smell of multiply pissed-in clothes.

<p>When I was a kid I must of always smelled of pee as I wet the bed almost every night but we didn't have a shower and I was only able to have a bath once a week in and old tin one by the fire. As for the bedwetting smell. I have always liked that familiar unmistakable heavy smell from a bedwetters room. Mine always smelled like that as a kid.