OMG i woke up wet agen every night for a week i have been waking up wet
yasmin09 yasmin09
22-25, F
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would love to wake up beside u

No big deal i wet my bed

I don't know what to say, but that has to be frustrating, if you don't like diapers their is always a cover for the top of your bed, just put extra sheets over the top for less noise and more comfortable

Sorry to hear that
Is it a medical condition or did it just happen that week?

Feel free to message me sometime. I have advise for this problem as I also wet the bed.

Add me please !!!

I would love you wet with me. Hope you add me and we can talk some.

Sounds like you need diapers sweetheart

omg i wet mybed last night too

How wet have you been waking up