Writing And Wetting

Now this is fun. I'm writing a novel and wetting my Abena pullup as I write. Every so often I check EP for messages. So far I've resisted reading stories. Each time I wet, the pee pools in my lap under the pillow on which my laptop is resting. So nice and warm! I'm wearing my Nike compression shorts over the pullup, so that it won't sag and so that I will feel the hot pee close to my privates every time I wet. I hope I can keep from playing with myself until later today, but it's a temptation to dip my hand into my diaper and fondle the dragon lying there. It would be best to share both wetting and wanking with a woman equally as excited by pee play as I am. Here's hoping!
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Would love to be there to watch you. Feel the pee as it pools around the dragon and its balls. To run my hand over him as he's going playing in the streem.