One of my "wet" friends, who knows that I pee in my jeans a lot, asked me recently if I plan to wet myself on a particular day, or if I don't, what actually happens? I guess the answer would be that I almost always am ready to "go" if I have to. I usually wear jeans most of the time, and cutoffs, Speedo bathing suits, or tight "commuter shorts" in the summer. If I have to go pretty bad, I just do it rather than suffer all the agony some guys experience, by trying to hold it, bouncing around, crossing their legs, etc. That never helped anyone. You just gotta go!

I always keep an "emergency kit" in my car if I am driving around, which is most of the time, when I need to go bad. It includes a garbage bag to put my clothes in, an extra white t-shirt, jersey, short sleeve shirt, or long sleeve shirt, depending on the season, tight briefs, and spare jeans, as well as sox and even sneakers. Sometimes when you wet your jeans, everything gets wet! I even include a towel, and another plastic bag, just in case. And even if I don't need the kit, a friend might!

Guys have all sorts of favorite ways to go, especially if they are trying to pretend nothing is happening. The best way seems to be to go into a store and look at the magazines. That involves crouching down, which is the perfect way to pee yourself and not wet much of your clothing, and all the pee drips out of your butt area onto the floor, or sometimes, even a rug, which helps disguise a growing puddle! Once they go, they wait a couple of minutes just in case more needs to come out, and starting to get up and then squat down again helps squeeze extra pee out of the denim. Then you get the hell out of there!

Another way, which guys usually do if they aren't thinking about what it will look like afterwards, etc., or if they are so drunk they just gotta pee, is simply stand, with legs slightly spread, and let the pee flow! It doesn't wet much of the crotch area unless your **** is pointed up, and the urine runs down the inside of your jeans legs, unless you got skintight jeans, in which case they will absorb most of the pee. Then when the jeans are totally soaked, the urine runs down the outside of the jeans. Most of the time, all this happens in the dark, like after getting out of a bar. But look at a crowd at an amusement park, or right after a baseball game, and there will be plenty of wet crotches or more!
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Have you ever done it on a train or bus ? I love to wet my pants on public transport, especially after a late evening at the pub. Also enjoy doing it in the cinema and occasional while driving my car or out on my bike.