A Long Wait - 2

I am sorry this has taken so long, but to cut a long story short, Paul and I had a fabulous evening.
We began with a really wonderful dinner. Afterwards without either of us speaking we walked to the lift and alone it fell into each other’s arms. Once in his room he slipped off his jacket and tie and I walked to the window, it had a fabulous sea view. He came up behind me put his arms around my waist and I leaned back into him. He brushed the hair from my neck and began to kiss me, I murmured my pleasure. Then he slipped his hands up under the silk shirt I was wearing and fondled my breasts, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. I slipped my hand behind me and fumbled with the waist band of his trousers till they fell and I could caress and fondle his by now very big penis thorough his briefs. We were both very aroused and he next loosened my skirt and let it drop. I heard him gasp as his hands began to caress the warm silkiness of my knickers. I was unsure as to whether I should allow myself to wet my knickers or whether I had misjudged his interest in it. I decide to show minor signs of urgency, in fact it was real not play acting, wine coffee, goes to a girl’s bladder I needed to pee. I squeezed my legs and shifted myself, and drew in my breath.
He whispered in my ear,
‘Are you going to be a naughty girl?’
‘I might not have any choice,’ I gasped, ‘I’m almost wetting myself now.’
I turned to face him and his eyes dropped first to my breasts and then to my purple frillies.
‘My god you are so sexy,’ he gasped and kissed me such passion, stroking me through my knickers and feeling between my legs. I was fondling his penis until he gasped,
‘Careful I’m almost exploding in my pants.’
I was now so desperate that I was almost doing it in my knickers.
‘I’ve got to pee or I shall soak my pants.’ I gasped.
He steered me to the wet room- it was a really luxurious suite. It wasn’t a moment too soon, I lost control and felt myself leaking into my knickers, then it became a flood pouring through my knickers soaking them and wetting my stockings.
My heart was beating fit to burst, I felt so horny. Paul scooped me up grabbed a towel and carried me to his bed, dropping me on the towel.
He lay next to me. We were kissing passionately, moaning with pleasure. He was fascinated by my wet knickers, stroking them and then I slipped his penis out of his briefs and placed it between my kegs against my wet pants.
The next thing I remember was that he had slipped my wet knicks off and was inside me and we were moving together.
That’s where I am going to stop. Hope it isn’t too corny.
Emma x x
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Dec 5, 2012