Wet With Fright

I was 15 when I last wet my knickers in school. I was always teased because of the knickers I wore. I lived with a very strict aunty and uncle since I was 6 as my parents died in a plane crash. Anyway, my aunty dressed me in granny knickers so I got teased about that especially in P.E. when getting changed. I was in maths and was very desperate for a wee. I put my hand up and asked to got to the toilet but my teacher would never let anyone go in her lesson no matter what. I had had P.E just befor maths and was getting teased by some girls because they had noticed my knickers whilst I was getting changed. The knickers I had on that day were baby pink and had a teddy print on the front. Anyway, I was wriggling in my seat and the teacher noticed and made me go up to the front of the class. I went, quite frightened as what was going to happen. I knew I couldn't hold on for much longer and when the teacher shouted at me, she made me jump with fright I wet myself infront of the class. I was trembling with fright and embarrasment and the thought of what would happen when my aunty found out. I had to stand in the corner of the class with my hands on my head facing the entire class. The all made fun of me to which the teacher did nothing. I had and still have a very weak bladder and bowles so accidents for me are common. girls at school would tickle me in the playground trying to make me wet myself and it worked more often than not. If they found out I had an upset tummy, they would spank my bum because they knew I would almost definately mess my knickers. I am now in 6th form and still have accidents and still wear big knicks.
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I started wetting my panties when I was real young and my mommy would put a diaper and rubber panties on me and I liked it. I kept wetting myself so I could wear diapers and rubber panties to school. As I got older I would wet my panties out side the school building. I always wore either a skirt and blouse or dress. I liked it when the boys would try to look up my dress and when I saw they were I usually was able to wet my panties. I still like to wet myself as an adult lady. I will wet them on purpose even if there are people around me. I like the feeling of wet panties. Some times I wear silk panties and some times I wear cotton panties. I just depends on how wet I want to feel. It is a lot of fun especially when I am on a date and I watch a scary movie at the theater.. When I do wet them I let my date touch me and sometimes I will O in my panties. When it is convenient I will make him O too.

awwe! Some of us wet for fun But some not. I Really hope you wont Get teased About It Anymore. If anyone Ever dose that Just go to Someone who will Do something. Or, Get respect. If you ask me the only way to do that is to beat the **** outta someone who is being mean to you. Yeah, yoo will get in trouble,Yeah, youll feel a little bad, Yeah, you may get grounded. But, No one will dare **** wihith you Anymore. =) I Won a fi ght In 9th Grade after getting bullied for Most of my life, But suddenley No one DarePick on me lol

Aww, i feel for you. Don't worry, my little brother has a very very bad weak bladder and even worse bowels. In the case that he can only hold his pee or poo for 5 minutes before wetting himself or messing himself. :)

who the **** would want 2 do that

wow you had a horrible teacher, i wet myself at school once i was about 8 or 9, it was about half way through our lesson and i had i had a massive erch to go wee, i asked the teacher if i can go and she said no, she was really evil to. i thought i could hold it in, i just held onto my willy for about 10 mins before it all came out luckly no one but the teacher found out; because i made sure i was the last one to leave class, but i had to sit all through lunch with wet pants on, i was so scared that somebody would see them ( or smell them )

that was well tight of the teacher 2 do that to u!!, i would of just walked out of class because they cant stop you from going to th etoilet n i f she had dragged me back i would of out her on the floor & oissed on her head hahahahaah