Pleeeeeeeeeease Teacher I Have To Pee

ok so it was early in the morning and i was running late for school and i didn't have to to go to the bathroom and im in the 6th grade when the bus came i sat next to my friend kennedy and i drunk 4 bottle of juice when we go to school i felt the urge to pee so i ask my first period teacher if i can use the bathroom he said no so i sat own 30 min later i ha to bad so after lunch i ha to even bad so when i got to sacon perio i aske my teacher if i can use the bathroom he sai wait so i waited and i asked he sai no so after that class my last class i was rael desperate i was squiming and sweating i was even shaking so i aske can i go to the bathroom she sai no so i sai please its an emergancy she sai no you shoud have gone uring your last class then i sat down 20 minutes later she calle me up to the board to do a promblem i ws scare that i my wet myself an i was wearing a skirt too so i got up and i was shaking so when i oing the problem i was holing myself a bit she aske me whats wrong i told her that i was really desperate to pee she said no then i was pleaing i said i cant hold it much longer its about to come out she said ok hurry back i said thank with a relief but when i was heaing to the door i peed a little in my panties then i was holing myself and making noises like ugh mmm oooh ahhh i couldnt move then the teacher tol me too set down cause somoen else went to the batheoom an i ha to wait until they got back i was so upset so i set own in movin around in my chair an sqruiming then a bit of pee came out then i was sqruiming eeven more an holing my
self tight then right when that person come in i sai ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here it comes then pee just gushed out i sighed with relief then eveybody was just staring at me my panties were soake the teacher tol me to ot to the nurse the nurse call my mom i got checked out i was so embarrasse i asked my mom if i can go to another school she sai yes and thats my story the end
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Most of that you wrote is UNREADABLE!!!!
Type mistakes, no commas or stops,...
And to me it is also UNBELIEVABLE to drink four (!!) bottles of Juice on your way to school!! Or is it in another state as where you life??

Your right for had she puts ha when she puts said she put sai what does that supposed to mean?

Learn how to type, I couldn't ******* understand that!

oh grow up .. ._.

Awe I srry I'm a 16 year old girl and still wet my pants n school. Do u like wetting or no?

pleaase add me

yes that teacher doesnt like me one time when i was about to my homework to my teacher the teacher said hold on to it the next and the next day then i lost it and i got a zero

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it's a bad teacher