Soooo Close

I was in second grade when this happened. I had had a masssive drink at my grandmother's and my friend had dared me to go all morning without peeing. So,i had set off for school and felt a tiny urge to go. It was nothing bad though.I sat down for english and the urge was getting stronger. I didn't want to forfeit the dare my friend had given me, so i kept hanging on. I was squirming in my seat after assembly and it was still morning, but i was still determined to beat the dare, so i started holding my crotch lightly. My teacher asked if i needed the toilet and i said no it is itchy. My teacher looked at me suspiciously and walked away. I was relueved he didn't find out. It was first break and i was bursting. I had another hour to go! I was still determined to beat the dare, which was a mistake. Another 40 mins later, i started shaking with the urge to go. I could hear my bladder sploshing and splashing.
About five mins to go till lunch, the bell went. It shocked me so much that the pe came rushing out. The warm hot liquid poured down my legs, from my underwear. I hid it well and not one teacher spotted it. My friend said i had won the dare.

Alls wellnends well, i peed myself and won a dare ;)
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I wet my panties two times today. The first time when I was walking from the bus stop to the office where I work. I had to go so bad I stood behind a tree so no one would see me. It felt so nice and warm when I actually soaked my panties. By the time I got to the office they were starting to get a little dry and only felt damp. The second time I wet my panties today was when I stopped at the grocery store on the way home after getting off the bus. I had to go really bad and I started wetting them in the store. I was so glad that i was wearing a skirt and blouse. I think the lady at the check out had an idea that I had peed in my panties. I like the feel of wet panties so I often wet them on purpose.

Sorry but your in the wrong part of this forum. It is called \"Wet my Pants at school\". So you did it in you office