High School Memorys

When I was in High School, me and my friends had almost everything. We were the queens of the school they said. One day in my junior year, I wore panties for the first time in 4 years. From what I remember, they we're really uncomfortable and when Im uncomfortable I start to scratch at it or whatever and when I do that I get embarrassed and when Im embarrassed I pee myself a little bit. Then it turns into alot of pee.

Earlier the morning, I was getting ready for school, I found an old panty drawer I hadnt used in 4 years. I opened it up and there were these silky pink panties. Oh, so soft but after a while it starts to chafe because of the stitching design. I get on the bus and my friend Karrissa askes, "Why are you itching at your butt?"
"I found some old panties I had when I was 13 and gave up on them for thongs, I found them and, ya you got the rest..."
I got some OJ back at the house before I left
I got to school and I found Katy and Katrina waiting for me at the cafeteiria, just eating breakfast. We went over toward them we sat our stuff down, paid for our breakfast and sat down. My panties were killing me and we hadnt started school yet! I was starting to get embarrassed. Yep. I get it from my moms side of the family. I wanted to cry, but I hadnt cried since that Halloween joke when I was 10. I started to leak a little bit. After breakfast, we normally go outside and wait for the first bell to ring. I said, I had to go to the bathroom be right back.
I went into the bathroom stall and I checked my pants to see if there were any leaks. There was a leak, but it was a very small one and it barely seeped through my pants, but in my panties, it was pretty medium sized. As long as I dont itch again, I'll be OK. I also tried peeing, but nothing came out. Its like a magic trick. I cant feel the urge in my bladder but Im peeing. (NOT REALLY)
I was going outside when the first bell rang. Good thing, Pre-Calculus wasn't anything to do with water or something like that. After period 1 I walk towards Health. I was chafing a little bit more. I saw some of my classmates starring at me, I was turning bright, but I let the starrers slide. We were learning something about ( I forgot but it had something to do with men chafing and girls giving BJ's but it was not a good idea to do both) The men that chafed in that, did it in a scary way only guys know as of right now. At Lunch, I was itching like it was ItchFest or something. I saw half the cafetieria looking at me. I was turning tomato red. Not my fault these are the way the designers made them.
I gobbled down my lunch in at least 3 minutes. I went to the bathroom again and checked because I didnt know if I wet myself when I was tomato red. My panties were wet, but when I looked at my pants they only had pee at the part where the private and the bottom of the butt met, so unless someone gets suspicious, I'll do what Fergie did, say it was sweat. :p fAiL
So Im itching up a storm and everyone looks at me, not because of the itching but I looked down and saw a puddle under me and where I sat was like a river. My legs were like streams of water. Goodbye
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Awee poor lmboss and your little pink peed panties

wow thats really alot of pee

My panties never lasted that long. I had new panties most every year, nylon or cotton and always full briefs. I did have some nylon panties with lace and embroidery but I never had any problems with them I think perhaps yours were too small for you, you had grown a year or more hadn't you. I have never wanted to try wearing a thong, I'm sure I would find them as uncomfortable as what you describe here.<br />
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