An (on Purpos) Pee ;)

ok so one day i decided to pee and poop my pants in school. lots of other girls had and they were the popular ones. they said if i peed and pooped my pants in school i could join there possy thing. of corse i acsepted i loved using my pants. any way they said i had to do it durring 2 block. so i got every thing all ready to go. they gave me the signal and i asked to go to the bathroom. of corse our a-hole teacher of corse said no. so i pressed one hand to my crouch and acted really desperate(i really was). so she finaly said ok go quick. so i walked up to the door and then it all came flowing out. i was wearing my super skinny jeans so the poop would really bulge out. the pee came streaming out like a golden water fall. and then the poop compleetly filled my panties to the breakeing point. and i was really proud. i when home go cleand up and whent to school tomarow with my new possy :D
imgunnapeemypants imgunnapeemypants
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Thanks for sharing :)