My Panties Wetting Story

When I was in the third grade it was a warm spring day and I had drank a lot of water at lunch time. After lunch I didn't have to pee so I went back into class and about 30 minutes later I had the urge to go. I asked the teacher and she said that I could wait. I was already starting to get damp in my crouch. I felt I would not be able to hold it for another 30 minutes.

We had to give reports that day in front of the class. When my turn came I was already nervous about getting up in front to give my report. I start to speak and as I did my legs began to shake and I could feel the pressure in my bladder. As I was speaking pee started to come and I was shaking so bad and my stomach was shaking that I couldn't hold my pee and I peed my panties in front of the whole class. Some of the kids started laughing and that embarrassed me. The teacher settled the students down and she took me to the nurses station and called my mother. My mother did not have a car to come pick me up so I had to sit in the nurses office in my wet panties. I really didn't mind the wet panties. I was embarrassed because I had the accident in front of my class.

I still have accidents in my panties as well as wetting my panties on purpose.
ReneeYvonne1 ReneeYvonne1
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Nice story!

When I did get home my mother said, Renee, I think that I am going to have to put you in pampers. I was hoping that my mother would put me in pampers because I had worn a pair once I loved it. Now that I am 18 I still love wearing depends. Mother always told me diapers were to wet in. So I wet in my depends. It makes feel like a little girl again wearing wet diapers and panties.