So Embarrassed

hi sum school lunchtimes me n my frend meet sum boys in the park n thay bring drinks this one time i went a lil bit mad and had bit to much in first lesson after lunch i was like bursting after 5 minutes i asked to go and teacher let me but before the end of the lesson i was burstin again i tried to hold it as there was only 15 miutes of class left but i started coming out i asked to go again but this time she said no cud wait  i really tried but it kept comin out my chair was gettin wet the bell went but i cudnt get up i just sat n wet myself i was so embarrased coz most of my frends saw.

littleskye littleskye 13-15, F 4 Responses Dec 12, 2009

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You should have reported your teacher

Don't worry. Lots of guys think peeing your pants is sexy. I also like to do it, though not so it shows in public.

hii, i think we should chat or something. im 15 ( : email me

Sorry to hear it was so embarassing. You survived, though:)