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Wet My Leotard With An Audience

When I was 13 I attended dance classes after school once a week. One of the times I was walking from school to the studio, wearing my leotard and tights under my school clothes, when I felt a need to pee and knew I'd have to go before class. Unfortunately my Dad phoned me up and asked me to pick up my neighbours son Sam, who was 10 at the time, from his school as our neighbour's car had broken down. I had to take him to my dance studio and my Dad would pick him up when he came to get me.

By the time I had gone to the school, found him and was back on track I was absolutely bursting to pee and kept holding my legs pressed together while I walked, which prompted some strange looks from Sam as I guess it I looked a bit odd. While we were cutting through the park I felt myself start to leak into my tights and grabbed myself. Looking around I saw that Sam and I were alone and , panicking, decided to try and get my clothes off before I wet myself, despite the fact that he was watching me.

I took off my t-shirt, pants and shoes, feeling myself leaking more as I did so, but hestitated at the thought of undressing completely in front of Sam. At the last minute I yanked my leotard down to my waist but couldn't get it any further before the dam burst and I just squatted down with pee streaming through my tights and leotard.

As the flood abated I heard a giggle and looking up I blushed as I saw Sam standing there, grinning. I quickly stood up, pulled my t-shirt on and asked him not to tell anyone; he said he wouldn't but also said he wasn't surprised I'd wet myself because now he'd seen my **** he realised I was still a little girl. Due to my dancing and being a bit of a 'late bloomer' I was smaller than a AA cup at the time, still wearing a training bra when I was dressed normally, and was very self concious about it so it was this comment more than anything else that made me start to cry.

I took my leotard and tights off with my back to Sam, trying not to think about him looking at my ***, and pulled on my pants. When we got to the dance studio I pretended I was ill to get out of the lesson and as far as I know nobody else found out, though I still get a knowing look from Sam when I see him around.

katie99999 katie99999 16-17, F 8 Responses Mar 10, 2010

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Do you get yeast infections from wearing tights and leotards

great story. loved it!
would love to hear more of your stores, maybe add me.

Imagine if you were on your period and the blood was leaking.

good one

Did Sam keep it a secret ?

Sam is one lucky guy getting to see your breast I bet they are the best he ever seen small breast are so nice.

umm... why did you take of your shirt to pee?

She was wearing a leotard!

This sounds really embarassing, I hope no one made fun of you for it. Small breasts are great things to some guys (including myself). I think As and even AAs are sexy on a woman. I have no idea why, but they really are. Besides, looks don't really matter, it's about who you are on the inside.