Pooped My Panties Walking Home With My Friend Yesterday

Okay so yesterday I had held my poop in all day waiting for the walk home with my friend. She is this really smart girl that's also really nice and funny. So the last class of the day ended I went to the bathroom to change panties. I decided to put a couple extra pairs on over the pair I was wearing just so none fell out. So on are walk home there's like no public bathrooms just houses. So we were walking and talking about stuff. And I was like my stomach hurts. She said oh do u need to use the restroom. I was like yeah kinda. Bad. She was like try to hold it you can use the bathroom at my house since its closer. So we started to walk some more and I had been farting a lot. She was like hey u okay I was like I really feel like i can"t hold it she was like hey if u feel like u can't hold it then just go in your pants I won't tell anyone and accidents happen its okay if. You don't make it. So about 15 mins later I was like hey can we stop I'm having trouble walking because I have to go so bad. So we went behind a tree and I squatted Down while she stood guard. First I started to pee but it really wasn't that much so it stayed in my panties and the pad I had on absorbed most of it. Then I started to poop and I really had to go bad so there was this huge bludge and I felt my panties expanding. So I finished and we went back to walking. She was like hey accidents happen once we get to my house you can shower and ill give u a change of panties. So we finally got to her house and we went up her room. She had her own bathroom in her room. So she said I gotta use the bathroom first then you ca. Shower and change. So I went in with her and I took off my pants and t shirt since I was gonna shower. So she unbuttoned her pants then pulled her panties down to her ankles and sat down on the toilet and started to pee. We chatted while she peed and she was peeing a lot and really fast I was like dang Amanda u really had to go bad. She was like yeah I have been holding it all day. Then she wiped pulled her panties and pants back up and flushed the toilet. Then she said the towels and TP are under the sink you can also borrow another pad since i was on my period I was like thanks then she left closed the door and said she would start on some homework while I cleaned up so first I just took off my pooped panties and emptied the poop into the toilet. Then I undressed showered to clean up she came in to give me a clean pair of panties I was like thanks then I put my bra back on sat down on the toilet and peed then I put a new pad on the pair of panties she had given me pulled my panties up with the pad on put my pants and shirt back on and went into her room. She said hey accidents happen it wasn't your fault I was like thanks Amanda I just really had to go bad. So then I stayed at her house for a couple hours and we did homework together then I was like wanna have a sleepover at my house she was like sure so I helped her pack some stuff and we went over to my house she had to pee again so I was like let's go up to my room so she unpacked then I showed her where my bathroom was and she went in closed the door and came out like 2 mins later then we just chatted and watched some movies then went to bed. Well that's the end I hope you guys liked my story. I'm gonna go poop now and all this happened yesterday/last night so bye guys.
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I really felt for you when I read your story. I have pooped my panties a few times and it is a mess to clean up. That was so nice that your friend let you come to her home and get showered and cleaned up. I do wet my panties a lot ever since I was a little girl. I'm glad that I haven't pooped as much as I have wet my panties. Better luck next time on your walk.

Sounds like you had a really nice time.....I think Amanda likes you.