Wet Pants After Drinking a Lot of Beer

When i get drunk i WILL pee in my pants especially after 8-10 beers

bedwetter2 bedwetter2 31-35, M 12 Responses Aug 31, 2009

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I always wet my bed when I've had a lot to drink. I sleep soundly and wake up soaking wet in the morning.

Me too, the first 4 or 5 in my pants and the rest in bed when I'm fast asleep.

Yeah, me too. Occasionally I **** my pants & not realize that I did because I was so snockered.That's the rarity & not the norm. The norm is like you, just **** 4-5 times in my pants then the rest in bed while asleep.

Me & my 2 b/f got drunk Saturday night. The results were a very drenched bed Sunday morning.

Not really, I ust let the sheets air dry & wash them every 3-4 weeks or so.

After 6 beers I don't wet the bed, I flood the bed & sometimes over flow & have **** on the floor as well as the bed.

i wet my pants after 6 beers and usually the bed later too.

Why not wear rubber pants at the pub? What the hell, people will **** in their pants if they drink enough. There is NO need to stop *******. Just drink & enjoy.

It's more fun to end up with a wetpatch - hotter on the other guys, too :-)

i have done the same thing in the past, how do i stop coz i enjoying drinking beer down at the pub

Nobody can hold 8-10 beers. If I have six, I have to pee BAD, and since I can't hold it until I get home I have to pee somewhere. Once in a while it happens in my pants while I'm looking for a place.

That is why you wear pants when you drink beer. You need something to pee in.

i take it your mates are not into your wetting

it happens to me as well i also wet the bed its bad if have been to my mates and just fell asleep when have been drinking i have wet my self,