It Happened to Me

The club was dark and hot. So was he.

The music was pounding. I was pretty happy and high and didn't want to stop. Even my badly bursting bladder wasn't enough to get me off the crowded dance floor. I kept telling myself "one more song," and the DJ would shift to the next one and it would be hot. I didn't want it to end and and I didn't want to leave him and I didn't want to let him know how badly I had to ****.

The beat was throbbing louder than my bladder until someone crashed into me. The shock caused me to lose control. In horror I felt my pee start coming out. My date grabbed my hand. "Are you OK?" he shouted over the music as I frantically tried to stop the flow.

"I need a break," I shouted back, turning to try and hurry to the toilets. Having started, though, it was nearly impossible to stop, and it kept coming. I pushed through the crowds with pee running down my legs. By the time I got to the bathrooms I had been able to stop, but everything "downstream" was wet. The worst was the sticky wet feeling in my shoes.

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Yes, but I was ashamed. I just wiped off went home without going back to him. If I had it to do over again...

did he notice? and did it turn him on? I'm sure it turned on all the readers of this story. ;-))

I was shocked at what happened and scared that someone would find out what I'd done, so I decided to leave quickly. One I had left and understood that it had probably not been as totally obvious as I feared, I felt a lot better about it. But even then it was a little strange. Because I liked to wet for fun, I kind of beat myself up for getting into that predicament.

Ah, read my post about drunk peeing. Um, sorry it weirded you out. I'd hate to leave all that wet on the dance floor though, could be dangerous! Slippery when wet!

By the time he found me I had calmed down and was presentable. Nobody mentioned it to me, so as far as I know, none of my friends knew what happened. It actually weirded me out, so I didn't stay much longer.

Holy cow! I should have spent more time in night clubs!<BR><BR>I would have been happy to help you recover. -)<BR><BR>Nicely told.