The other day I found myself becoming very horny, much like I always do when I hold my **** for a long time. I love the feeling of holding for hours on end, but had never really let it go before; I rarely have the privacy to. Well the other day I was feeling more adventurous with my endeavors and decided to try it. After it was dark and the rest of the house was asleep I went into the bathroom with two towels. One folded under me and the other to dry off with. I had been holding all day and felt like i was going to just burst any second. Wearing nothing but an old pair of fade blue jeans and a tank top. It didn't take long for me to start leaking into my purple lace undies and soon enough the trickle of **** turned into a gushing torrent. It lasted for only a few seconds but it felt like minutes, my jeans were soaked and glistening. The relief and sensation of it all was so good it didn't take long for me to reach my first ****** of the night. Next time I'll take pictures, because there will for sure be a next time.
septembermess septembermess
18-21, F
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Glad you enjoyed it so much. Would love to hear more!