I love the feeling of being a bit naughty, and just letting go. Only don't it at home so far, and fantasise about walking along street wetting myself, seeing wet patch getting bigger and bigger, and feeling the warmness dribbling down my legs and on to the ground! Now I'm having a go with nappies! Had a complete night of weeing in nappy, and bed's still dry. Nappy is getting heavy! Feels fab!!!
Pisssally Pisssally
41-45, F
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good for you ;)

I live in Florida and it's a great place to walk down the beach on a warm night while peeing in my cut off jeans. Would you like to join me?

I know that pleasure too

i would love to watch you do that xx bob

I'd love to watch it dribbling down your legs..

I've only been out of the house once in my diapers. I drank plenty of water before going out so I would pee while shopping....but I just couldn't let go! Something in my head kept telling me "this isn't right". I so desperately wanted to let loose! I can go whenever at home. So frustrating. Will try again soon.

Hi. I know it's a while since your October 18 th post, but I've had problems with net for a while.
Have you managed to wee wee your nappy while shopping yet?
I'm in pub ATM and just weed my pants a little bit. I want my nappies!!

Hope you were wearing black pants..Great for camouflage..

Yes so agree with all above. The feeling of knowing it is against convention/rules. Such a High feeling !

Welcome to my world...

A soaking wet nappy feels amazing :) please add me as I'd love to chat :)

Take care


Wow yes i love to be naughty to i wear nappys for pleasure i like the first wee wee when its hot and i allso poo mmmmm.... yummy xxxxx

if you press on my name bigbabygee and to the right of my name it should come up add friend and message press on both.BBG

i wish i had somebody to take a walk like that just letting it go in my pants.

Sorry, don't know if this has come thru, three times-keep being disturbed.
Keep in touch wetboy x

pisssally i would like to be on your friend list here

Hi have tried adding you and messaging you but been denied please send a friend request

Hello, I would send a friend request if I knew how to! I'm not on Facebook, and new to this site. Keep in touch this way bigbabygee

hi welcome to EP I think you need to go into the top right of the screen by your name on the blue ***** where you log out and go onto settings to allow friend requests.I hope you are in a clean and dry nappy this morning.

Yep, so far it's dry! Gonna wee wee soon tho. Are you a/b? You got a nappy on baby?

yes an AB but it is the change and the attention I received during my nappy changes that excited me the most

Hi add me pls

add me to your friend list

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