Hello fellow pants wetters/poopers. As of who may already know, I've always enjoyed pooping my pants so much that I never gave wetting a try. Ever since I joined experience project I've come across a lot of people who like doing it. Someone recently inspired me to try it, and unlike pooping my pants, I never thought I'd get away with it. Well I was finally able to get my hands on two pairs of adult diapers. One to pee in, and one to poop in. (It would have been nice to do both in one diaper, but that's for another time) I had to pee really bad and I'd been holding it in until everyone was in bed. I got the diaper on and it didn't take long for me to let loose. Unfortunately I didn't have to poop, even though I tried. I was standing up when the pee started to flow out into my diaper like a river. It was so warm and I got such a rush! I felt so naughty. The diaper became full and saggy, and started to leak down my leg. I stopped peeing and wet outside because a little was starting to leak out on the floor. When I was done I took the diaper off, wadded it up and threw it in my neighbors garbage (lol) to get rid of the evidence, of course. When I came back inside I went back to my room, got my paddle out and spanked my bare butt for being so naughty. After all, my experience peeing my pants on purpose, will be rememberable...
brunoghost60 brunoghost60
22-25, M
Aug 31, 2014