In Front Of My Girlfriend

My girlfriend and I had been out, when I took her back to her house no one was home. We went up to her room to listen to music, and make out(she didn`t know i was into wetting!). I excused myself to use thhe bathroom but was too aroused so i went back in, and we kissed, then she began tickling me, and i`m very ticklish. I asked her to please stop, but she kept it up. To make matters worse my body was jumping around trying to escape, and I could feel myself starting to leak a little. I begged her to stop, she giggled and did it worse, and suddenly those leaks became longer, and I realized by now they had to be showing. One more tickle, and I was done for, it took forever to control that leak and I realized with horror that the stain was past my knee. Suddenly she said Justin You Peed Yourself. I said it happens when i get tickled.We still made out, I think I was extra horny!
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Lucky dude

Nice story. And you do not have anything to be embarassed about.