Peed My Pants On Purpose

I was 13 years old and had been messing myself for several years and had not really ventured into pants wetting. One of my friends was a avid pants wetter and in public. He would ride his bike around the neighborhood and when he saw someone he wanted to wet in front of, he would stop and talk to them and then get off his bike and stand there and just wet himself. he would really go to. it was cool to watch his pants soak up with pee. It was also cool to hear some of the guys laughing at him and calling him a "baby" and wtf is wrong with you. He didn't care and just kept doing it all the time. One day I was out with him and he asked if I had to go pee. Well I actually did so he said that I should go in my pants because it is fun. My response was "is it just as fun as messing my pants?" He said "sure". I had on light colored pants and he said that color would show the **** real good. He told me to hold it some more and we would ride further where more guys were. We got there and one of the school "bullys" was hanging around. He said go do it in front of him for "attention" ! You'll get plenty from him. I wet myself bigtime but I also poop myself bigtime too. I got teased and laughed at. I had hanger-downer soaking wet pants. He  stuck beside me the whole way and we rode bikes together back to his house where his big sister changed our pants. He had wet himself too.
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Jan 11, 2013