Wetting Knickers And Jeans On Way Home


Have posted already but maybe in the wrong group

Peeing in public started at school wearing thicker cotton knickers - green under a kilt  They soak the pee up better and remain uncormfortable for longer

But recently loved walking home with some thick cotton knickers even old school ones under jeans.  beofre go out make myself drink lost of water.  object is to keep peeing in small bursts all the way home but determined to quite empty bladder before I get home, no matter how wet or uncomfortable - or even obvious it gets

I also notice there are no phots or videos in the group  Do not wan to add any in case I upset people but if any are wanted, or anyone wishes to swap any of me wet or of others then do let me know

And or add me as a friend?

Love to hear from anyone  I am in the UK (Scotland) but do not let that put you off


deryck  x

deryck23 deryck23
51-55, M
Feb 14, 2010