A Rather Embarassing Public Accident

My friend Brian and I were spending a Saturday hanging out at the  local mall, trying to do some shopping, etc., when he mentioned that he was going to have to find a bathroom pretty soon.  We were in a Barnes & Noble at the time, one of those places where you can hang out forever sampling books.  I guess I didn't pay much attention to him because he didn't sound like it was urgent, but apparently he was downplaying how badly he had to go.  He, like me, was wearing those new 510s, skinny levis, which I have fallen in love with! Mine were white, and his were light blue. I was exploring the travel section, when Brian came up to me grabbing his crotch.  Anyone around could see that he had to pee urgently.  You just don't grab your crotch in a crowded store on a Saturday afternoon and expect no one to notice. 

He asked me if I could ask a clerk where the bathroom was, because he didn't want to do it holding his crotch, and he was afraid if he went up to a clerk without holding himself, he was going to pee right there.  So I sighed, and walked over to a clerk about 30 feet away, and asked him if he could show my friend where the bathroom was.  I pointed Brian out to the clerk, who looked over and saw Brian clutching his crotch and looking down at it.  The clerk was a cute young guy, wearing tight faded jeans and an almost too-short white jersey that was barely staying tucked in.  The gold name tag on his jersey read "Bobby."  When he saw Brian's condition, his eyes grew wide, and he blushed.  I don't know why.  He wasn't the one with a serious bathroom emergency!

Bobby started to explain that the bathroom was only for employees, even though he understood Brian's desperate condition.  But then, Brian just  let go of his crotch and flooded his jeans with pee!  Instantly, a dark stain spread all over the front crotch area with two streaks going down both jeans' legs.   A stream of urine then started to pour out between his legs.  It was a total wipeout, right there in the store!

"Oh, never mind," I said to Bobby, and ran back to Brian.  I said, "We gotta get out of here!"  Bobby started to say, "Wait, maybe I can help you!" but we quickly left the store, with a lot of people staring at us.  We got out of the store, and I told Brian to go around behind the store, so he could finish *******.  When we  got there, who was standing there but the cute clerk, Bobby.  He was rubbing the crotch of his jeans and held out a roll of paper towels. 

To be continued.....

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what happend next?

Theclerk said he was taking the rest of the day off, so could perhaps help Brian clean up. I suggested going to my apartment, which was nearby. As soon as we got in the car, the clerk, Bobby, said that he actually needed to go to the bathroom too, and was going to wet himself behind the store. So sittingin a car actually put more pressure on his bladder. Brian leaned over to him (we were all in the front seat), and toldhim to hold it, then grabbed Bobby's crotch for him.

When we got to the parking area, my apartment had a first floor entrance, so we went up to it, and while I was unlocking the door, Bobby's bladder let loose, and a torrent of pee shot out of the denim, almost straight out through the faded jeans, plus started to soak his crotch, run down his legs, and make a big puddle on the slate patio. He was holding his arms down, away from his body, and had a distant look in his eyes. Afterhe finished, he looked at us and said, "Wow, I didn't think I had to go that bad!"

We went inside, and Brian and Bobby went into the bathroom, tooka shower together with their soaked jeans on, to wash them out, then we put all the clothes and briefs into the washer, they dried off, and then we had a ********* on my bed!